Hey there! My name is Ambar, and the picture you see above is of me on the day I decided to truly begin loving myself. I had an awful hair-do, dark, baggy eyes, and internalized a lot of negativity, but regardless, that was me and is still part of who I am now. Carmel Beach, California (March 2016) – I was laughing my hardest and feeling deeply enamored about my life – I have to thank that little get-away to my sweet cousin Lilly. My goal since then has been to become more accepting of myself, familiarize with┬áthe responsibility of being independent, learning from my own faults, working on my insecurities, accepting my imperfections, working to detach more, and becoming more of the woman I aspire to be. Overall, I’m learning a lot about self-love and how it affects me internally and externally. It’s important to be and let be.

My interests include, but are not limited to: my many attempts at cooking dishes I find online or that are done through my own spontaneity (I often surprises myself). Since graduating college, reading and literature are two things I’ve found myself delving into more out of leisure, and it’s been great being able to unwind this way. Listening to independent radio is another favorite pass time of mine (Democracy Now! and NPR being my go-to’s). I’ve dedicated my time to fitness and healthy eating because of its correlation to good mental health (I was diagnosed with having ADHD and social anxiety at 20 years) and the overall importance of my well-being. Don’t even get me started on my love for wasting time indoors – binge watching things on streaming sites and snacking on seasoned fries, but that’s nothing to brag about. Advocating for what I believe as just and humane within my community has always been important to me, and I try my best to educate myself on specific topics so that I can effectively educate others. Lastly, I enjoy art and drawing. I enjoy being in the presence of others’ work as well – a museum, a home, a venue – if I am able to support I will. There’s a comfort I find in visiting different museums, walking through exhibits and watching shows. I am the daughter of an architect and a photographer – my father has instilled in me an appreciation for photography and design (I’m most certainly a dilettante when it comes to my own attempts at these two).

Not sure what you’ll be seeing most of on here, but please make note that I have a cute English bulldog named Morena (aka Mo or Momo) and I may or may not talk about her from time-to-time. I am the daughter of Central American immigrants and very proud of my heritage. You’ll certainly see me trying to figure out my career path and achieving my academic goals. I’m just a twenty-something year old, living in Houston and I’m trying my best to work things out. The best part of this journey is recognizing that today is yesterday’s sister – they’re related, they have different stories, but there’s a lot to talk about between them. Neither is to be dismissed and acknowledgment of both are imperative for the journey toward meeting tomorrow. At the end of the day, you’ll get a piece of my mind and sprinkle of my soul. Cheers!