From My Mother’s Hands.

Our kitchen is most colorful around this time of the year. Aside from the accentuation of my mother's Christmas decorations, it's the making of our tamales that makes everything feel so much warmer in our home; a lot of love and care goes into making them, and it becomes a defining moment for the heart … Continue reading From My Mother’s Hands.


Regretfully, in the past, there've been many missed opportunities for me to lovingly recommend therapy to those who've intentionally or unintentionally hurt me. I'm aware that making a suggestion like that should be done appropriately and with caution, however, I feel that by not suggesting it at all I've only created more room for whatever … Continue reading Therapy.

Day For Night (2018)

Two weekends ago, I went to Houston's Day for Night - a light and sound festival with the experience of walking through brilliant installations and a standing among a sea of people to listen to an incredibly talented lineup of musicians. I have attended festivals around Houston for about eight years now, and, so far, … Continue reading Day For Night (2018)

Hired: Digital Brand Coordinator

Hi, read the title of this post. Now, celebrate with me! This is my career now! My CAH-REER! I get to be creative and have fun and learn and get paid to do it all! I'm so happy!! Best news to receive with Christmas right around the corner! I worked my ASS off for this. … Continue reading Hired: Digital Brand Coordinator